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Die Evan Dando, Die #1

Die Evan Dando, Die #1

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A great little invective from 1994, out of Warrington, PA from one Jeff Fox. It does what zines do really well - focus on a topic to a level of absurdity that only a fan would do, except in this case, it's the anti-fan.

Evocative of the "I Hate Brenda Newsletter" (remember that?) in that it skewers a public figure, exposing him for his performative antics and predictability. The majority of this zine spends time critiquing him as "witless" and a false advocate for women, someone whose anti-macho exterior and flawless cheekbones might just be a cover for a charlatan. You be the judge, I just find extreme opinions to be entertaining.

Condition is very good, has price tag on cover.

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