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T-Ital Wave Times #1, #3

T-Ital Wave Times #1, #3

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The official publication of the San Francisco chapter of Rock Against Racism. Starting off with a quote from Don Vinyl of the Offs, and then a statement of purpose:

"If a bunch of white & black people in England can get it together enuff to put on hundreds of gigs, maintain a magazine (Temporary Hoarding), and a multi-ethnic organization dedicated to equality in all areas of life --- even if it meant taking care of business in the street... well, then -- why not here?"

Info on a pro-punk demonstration outside of Berkeley's KPFA station, international RAR groups, article on Linton Kwesi Johnson, interview with Bobby Kent, article on environmental racism from nuclear energy by Winston Smith, and a LOT of poetry.

Issue #1 is just a folded piece of paper, while #3 has 32 pages. Condition is very good, especially for old newsprint.
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