1. How do you say "Znz?"

Pronounced like "zines."

2. Do you have a store?

Not exactly, but if you're visiting, get in touch.

3. How close is Sacramento to the SF Bay Area?

It's about an hour and twenty minute drive from San Francisco if there's no traffic. It is also about two and a half hours by BART/Amtrak via the Capitol Corridor train.

4. What is a zine anyway? Is it a magazine?

Zines are little magazines. They are generally self-published and traded in relatively small quantities, with modest means, to an audience of peers. I like to call them "paper blogs" if that helps. Some attained enough longetivity and popularity to become actual magazines with high production values. There's always a debate of zine vs magazine but we can just leave it at that.

5. Do people really ask you these questions?

No, I'm having a conversation with myself and you're just reading it.

6. Where do you find the stuff you sell?

I have been producing zines/music/art for a long time, and I tap into a network of similar people. Many people would otherwise throw these items away.

7. How do I know if something you're selling is "real" if it's a photocopy?

I may never be 100% sure, but I'd never knowingly acquire or sell an item as an original if it were a copy. In cases where it's not clear, I'll state it. There are also cases where an item was intended to be photocopied by third parties and then distributed, making the distinction cloudier. Even in those cases, I would state it.

8. How do you grade condition of an item?

It's somewhat tricky. Book, comic, and record dealers all have their own systems of judging condition. Though it might not please everyone, I tend to grade most things like a record. I would expect to offer things with descriptions like "fair", "good", "very good", "excellent" or even "new". These can be very subjective so I try to include photos to let you judge. Please be very careful looking at items. I do try to call out imperfections but some things just don't age well. Also, I believe even thrashed items should be sellable, as many of these you'd be lucky to find in any state. If in doubt, please get in touch before buying.