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9/11 War Rug

9/11 War Rug

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Afghanistan war rug measuring 24" x 31", year unknown. 

War rugs date back to the Soviet invasion of 1979. Artisans who had previously portrayed nature and local culture expanded their imagery to include tanks, guns, and anti-Soviet messages.

These rugs are sold in markets and are often purchased by Western soldiers as souvenirs. There is some debate about whether their popularity in this demographic has influenced their content.

The 9/11 rug - a real conversation-starter - is not so much a political statement but is, in fact, a reproduction of US propaganda materials meant to convey solidarity to Afghan citizens. An appreciation of this rug does not have to imply an endorsement of any ideology. However, it is a way to gain insight on the machinations of your own government half a world away.

Think of this rug as the beginning of a bold design challenge if you are contemplating a remodel of your counterculture abode. Could be paired with a Ring A Date calendar for a bit of levity. 

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