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AC Dickson's Guide to eBay Powerselling

AC Dickson's Guide to eBay Powerselling

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It's 2004 and Andrew Dickson wants to invite you to his seminar on how to get rich on eBay! You've heard the hype, but what's it all about? He breaks it down, answering every question you could ever have from a real life "PowerSeller."

Did you know that PowerSellers have access to group health insurance via eBay? I did not!

With its glossary of technical terms and acronyms, to a timeline of eBay history, to its case studies of how you - YOU - can be a successful seller, this little guide comes from a happier, more optimistic time... you know, back when eBay only took 8% of your sale.

An endearing time capsule that still has relevance today.
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