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Americans In Deep Shit stencil

Americans In Deep Shit stencil

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Mysterious spray-paint stencil (18" x 24") of unknown artist and origin. Judging by the content - a severely paranoid rendition of a needle-using, popper-sniffing, shit-dripping sodomite - it could be vintage late 80s. However, the "FAG" belt buckle has an undeniably 90s vibe.

What if "they" gave "it" to the rest of us? 😱

In the "History of Homophobic Art" retrospective at the Getty Museum - which is a fabrication that does not and will never exist - there is an empty frame reserved for this masterpiece. If you appreciate the outrageous imagery and naked fear realized here, I'd like to personally shake your hand.

Condition is folded with holes in corners from thumbtacks, otherwise very good.
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