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Breakfast Without Meat #12

Breakfast Without Meat #12

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I estimate the Freak Population Density of San Francisco during the 80s/90s to have been perhaps higher than any American city, if only for the sheer volume of odd individuals producing fanzines around esoteric music scenes all co-existing in a 49 square mile peninsula. This zine is riskier than Unsound, but meaner than Bananafish, covering an art-damaged post-punk landscape with a wide lens.

Issue #12 of Gregg Turkington's zine - newly documented in Will York's "Who Cares Anyway?" book - is filled with gritty humor and wild experimentation. There's an interview with the Meat Puppets - whose Derek Bostrom was a contributor - as well as truly beguiling art from Flipper's Will Shatter. Also, an interview with Jello Biafra where he plays well with their merciless trolling.

Super dark comedy, bizarre comics, and brutal record reviews round out this essential zine.

Condition very good, some yellowing on back cover, has original price tag on front.

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