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Diseased Pariah News #5

Diseased Pariah News #5

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As Sarah Silverman once said, "if life gives you AIDS, make lemonaids!" That's exactly what DPN - the HIV humor magazine - set out to do.

During the gloomiest days of the AIDS epidemic - also referred to here as the "Fauci flu" - there wasn't much to be hopeful about. There were no real medical treatments, and for many, it was a waiting game. DPN refused to be sad about anything, and turned the moment into a spectacle. Pro-sex, pro-food, pro-pleasure and zero guilt.

Cover stars Roy Cohn - a right-wing closeted homo - and Kimberly Bergalis - an innocent victim of HIV transmission - are wrapped in a hotel-fresh sanitary strip. Inside, you'll get advice from Aunt Kaposi (she's a Cancer), taste test meal supplements, and revel in smut. Nothing was sacred for these jolly folks. You could say they were extremely... positive.

On top of the quality - and quantity - of content packed in here, it all just looks incredible for 1992. One of the best designed zines of its era.

Comes with a free flexi called "The Songs of DPN" and to be honest, I have no idea.

If you've never seen DPN before, this issue is as good as any for an introduction. Essential.
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