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Escargot #1

Escargot #1

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Debut 1995 issue of this "Music and the Internet" zine! From the world of bulletin boards (BBS) and the infancy of the web came this ambitious effort to get indie rockers interested in technology. Remember, the beginnings of the 'net were text-based, but oh the fun that could be had with basic threaded chat forums and email.

Created and edited by three women - Jeanne McKinney, Kathleen Billus, and Windy Chien. Windy is more well-known for her time owning and running Aquarius Records in San Francisco in the 90s. What a delightful throwback to a carefree time, when just the simple sound of your modem and the sight of messages in your inbox made you gleeful. There are some wonderful articles on getting online, internet jargon, netiquette, Unix, and even the long-forgotten email program Eudora. Wow.

The music side is represented with interviews of John Davis of Folk Implosion, Julia Cafritz of Pussy Galore, and Dan Fargo of godheadsilo.

Includes bonus 7" record with tracks by Lou Barlow and John Davis.
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