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Flickers of the Dreamachine

Flickers of the Dreamachine

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The "dreamachine" is basically a device that you should be able to construct using your own record player, a light, and some paper and tape. The idea is that the spinning patterns could induce some type of self-hypnosis and altered state of consciousness. Many well-known esoteric authors - see cover - are here to bolster these assertions.

I tried to make one when I first heard of it in the early 90s. As much as I hoped it would work, I came up with nothing, and decided huffing paint thinner would be more effective. 

Dedicated to Alaura and Andy from the editor, Paul Cecil. Softcover 1996 edition. Condition very good, despite a consistent crease on the lower right corner that affects all pages. Comes with unused paper template for creation of your own dreamachine. An extremely scarce book.

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