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My Ghetto #1, #3

My Ghetto #1, #3

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Two issues of Al Slammer's early 90s UK hardcore zine. Aside from great coverage of international bands, it's notable for its devotion to the legacy of the Germs. Issue #1 has a Germs history, while issue #3 - the sexual liberation issue - goes full Germs, interviewing Darby's partner in crime Regi Mentle, as well as bard Drew Blood.

In particular, Regi's interview will enlighten even the most knowledgeable Germs fan. Corresponding from prison - where he's doing time for murder - he lays out the '77 SF/LA scenes and gives us gory details about life as a gay punk and as a member of Darby's inner circle. Regi claims to be the subject of "Richie Dagger's Crime," possessing a dagger tattoo and inspiring many of that song's best lines.

He demystifies Darby, painting a picture of someone who was much more timid in his private life, but emboldened by fame and altered states of mind. "All these kids and their macho posing (...)  would die if they had seen Darby walking down Hollywood Boulevard drunk, going 'Fuck me Tony! Fuck me Tony!'"

A necessary part of your queercore zine collection, or just punk in general. Condition is obviously not perfect, as the cover of #3 is heavily stained. Otherwise, no rips, tears, or bad vibes.
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