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Queer Nation stickers

Queer Nation stickers

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In the early 90s San Francisco, both ACTUP and Queer Nation spent a lot of time at photocopiers churning out fluorescent crack-and-peel stickers in rudimentary fonts, bearing activist slogans of the time. "Promote Dyke Visibility!" "Read My Lips!" "Visibly Queer."

Most of these stickers wound up on signs, street poles, and black leather jackets that were the uniform for many a protest marcher... including myself.

These two unused stickers are from that era. In particular, "bear" seems far more utilitarian than one would expect if it were made today. No paw, no flag, and no circuit party - just sans serif "bear."

Both stickers approximately 3" x 4", slight surface dirt, but otherwise very good condition.

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