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SoCal punk flyers

SoCal punk flyers

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Here's a handful of early 80s punk/hardcore flyers mostly in the LA area. Condition is generally good, as noted, with imperfections.

1. Circle Jerks at Dancing Waters 8/20/82 - size approximately 8" x 9.5", irregular hand-cut, full of yellowing tape, archivist's nightmare, lots of folds but an incredible design.

2. Circle Jerks "Summer Skankoff" with Channel 3, "Texas Boys" MDC, Dicks, DRI in Pasadena, 8/26/83. Rumpled, and folded many times.

3. Circle Jerks, Bad Religion at the Temple, 10/1/87. "Why pay 7 bucks in downtown when you can see 5 bands for less?" Folded many times, small half-inch tear on one fold.

4. "The End Is Near..." with Angry Samoans, Overkill, the Lewd, Red Brigade, andd Moral Decay, on 3/13/82. Many folds, one small half inch tear, and yellowed tape on all corners. Lower right corner has been nibbled a bit.

5. "A Night In The Pit!" with Abandoned, Battalion of Saints, Circle One, Personal Conflict, Vandals, Würm, and MIA. That's quite a lineup for 3/10/84. Little chunk missing from upper left corner, small tear on lower left corner, tape on all sides, previously folded many times.

6. Angelic Upstarts/Wasted Youth/SSD (last show!)/Mad Parade/Uniform Choice on 3/15/85. Yeah, that lineup, no big deal. Folded many times, tape on all corners.

7. 7 Seconds/Agression/Gang Green/Love Canal/Justice League on 7/27/85 in Long Beach. Folded many times, has tape on corners.

8. UK Decay/Social Unrest/Wasted Youth on "Wensday" 4/8/81 at the Vex in East LA. No folds on this one, but has tape marks on back, tape on corners, some yellowing on edges.



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