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Vacation #4

Vacation #4

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Slick early 80s black & white tabloid magazine - roughly 12" x 15" - with a bicoastal focus. Published out of San Francisco, with many writers based in NYC. Hence, most ads reflect the former, while much content reflects the latter. Focus on art, performance, and music. There is a strong presence of avant garde SF music makers in the Factrix/Residents/Sleepers trajectory, with some remnants of first wave punk, alongside rising stars of the NY No Wave movement, e.g. DNA, Mars, James Chance, etc. Even features articles written by members of those bands, such as Sumner Crane and Gordon Stevenson. Killer photos, which reproduce well in this format. 

Issue #4 has portraits of Howard Devoto, Ian Curtis, Screamers, Penelope Houston, Ikue Mori, Sally and Sue of the Mutants, as well as pieces on erotic author Terence Sellers, Mark Pauline/SRL, the Sleepers, and Slava Ranko/Trance. Condition is very good, despite having been folded once at some point.

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