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We Are Rewind

We Are Rewind

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Finally, a new cassette player for the modern age! This French company has designed an object that has all of the analog capabilities that you'd expect in a player, in an exquisitely updated form factor. And with Bluetooth connectivity, the fun has just begun.

Gorgeous aluminum case comes in three colors:
  • Orange ("Serge")
  • Blue ("Kurt")
  • Grey ("Keith")

Has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 10-12 hours. Also has a microphone input for recording. Bonus: a "secret" hole on the back of the case provides "variable rate playback" that can be accessed with a small screwdriver. Quel surprise !

Vinyl has been making a comeback for years, but cassettes are making a power move. Now you have a player that is worthy of the medium.

Retro analog headphones are included, but you'll have to get your own cassettes.

More specs here. This item is limited to US orders. For customers outside of the US, please order from them directly.

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